brought Kizomba to Switzerland and was leading for Kizomba in Zürich 2008-2017

Simon is from Venice. He started to approach Salsa New York style when he moved to Liguria in 2011 and when he saw Kizomba and Semba for the first time he fell in love with them. In 2012 he danced the first Kizomba steps with the Angolan dancer Paulo Cruz and Francesca Negro who came to Italy for workshops. Simon then attended numerous festivals like KizMi, Africadançar or Kizomba feeling where he also had the chance to have private lessons with the famous Italian Kizomba dancers Edo & Denise. Thanks to the proximity of France he also had the opportunity to follow the classes of the French teacher Sam Ramphort in Nice. Nowadays, Simon continues to learn always new things and styles following other great teachers and taking private lessons. Since June 2014 he lives and works in Zurich.